If you haven't noticed by now, I'm kind of obsessed with this "filmmaking" thing


Storytelling is the new hotness when it comes to buzzwords these days, but I don't think it's a phase or trend. Rather, it's just everyone collectively realizing that stories are what make the world go round and the tools to bring them to life are now more attainable than we've ever imagined possible. When it comes to this department, I've been helping people tell their stories for almost a decade.

Specializing in just one thing has never sat well with me, especially when all of these incredible technologies are on a collision course. I possess a range of skills so I can make the best possible decisions for your specific needs. Want a video shot to put on your homepage? I'm on it. Want to enhance your landing pages with some motion graphics? I have you covered. In need of a fancy video to announce your wedding day? Why the hell not!

To say that I love what I do is an understatement. When I'm not behind the keyboard or camera I can be found playing the drums, video gaming, and watching zombie movies and Game of Thrones. Find me on social media at the links below. I apologize in advance for the language.


I strive to make videos that turn heads. Here's who I like to work with.

  • Small Businesses

    Real world experience and a loyal, existing client base are your competitive edge. You know what you want to say, you just need help saying it. We'll work together to expand your reach.

  • Entrepeneurs

    You know who you are: motivated and organized with a strong vision. Let's work together to tell the story that not only moves your business forward but defines you as a leader in the field.

  • Those Madly In Love

    I want to tell your love story, one you'll want to show off to friends and family alike. Together we'll capture every detail of your wedding day so you can relive the memories again and again.

  • Idea People

    Smart & attractive, you're a double threat. Whether you're an inventor wanting a Kickstarter video or blogger in need of a stronger web presence, we'll get you noticed.

  • You?

    Enthusiasm is contagious, plain and simple. Tell me your concept for the next big thing regardless of what kind of screen it may be on. Lets inspire the world into action.