The Canon ME20F-SH

Their ears must've been burning after my post about them yesterday because they went and dropped this... thing. It'll cost $30K, has around 4 million ISO (likely not usable past 100,000 but I'll wait and see), no monitor or EVF, can only shoot up to 1080p, has a 3.5mm stereo input in lieu of XLR ports, oh and did I mention it costs $30,000?

Who is this for? It is lacking in every meaningful way and costs almost twice as much as their most expensive Cinema EOS Camera, the C500.

If you weren't worried about Canon's ability to innovate before, start getting worried now. At least the design is original. Oh, wait...

Canon "Looking into" 4K and LOG on new DSLRs

It's actually a little astonishing that they're not all over this, especially in the wake of their Q2 profit drop. Their main concerns of heat and battery life are somewhat valid, but that (imaginary) line in the sand they've drawn between DSLRs and Cinema EOS cameras will be their undoing. I think the existence of the Sony a7S and FS7 prove there's a huge market for both types of cameras, even when they have many overlapping features.