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Everything Tells A Story

…or in the words of a fictional stock broker: Life all comes down to a few moments. Storytelling is the new hotness these days, but it's not a fleeting trend like the rest. Rather, it's people realizing that stories are what make the world go round. I've been helping people, businesses, and organizations tell their stories through film and motion for over a decade.

These stories have enabled me to work with some of, in my humble opinion, the greatest companies and clients ever.


Small, but mighty

On a per-project basis, I work closely with both your team and a group of independent, creative professionals that each have a unique expertise; we possess hands-on experience in a specific role from planning, to on-set, to post-production allowing us to work seamlessly together to bring your vision to life. This gives you the ability to relax, confident in the fact that your project is moving forward while you’re hard at work on other tasks.


So, what would you say… you do here?

Well, to put a fine point on it: filmmaking. That process is broken down into three discreet phases and here’s a sampling of what I bring to the table for each of them.



Concepts/Storyboards/Shot Lists

Script Supervision

Pre-viz for Motion Graphics




Drone Photography/Videography

Lighting and Sound



Video Editing

Color Grading

2D/3D Motion Graphics

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