2013 Goals Review

Around this time last year I thought it would be a nice change of pace to use tools that I normally reserve for work to publicly host and manage my goals for the year. I decided to settle on Trello for this task because:

  1. It's awesome
  2. It has a companion iPhone app for on-the-go updating and review
  3. It allowed me to keep the list public and therefore keep myself accountable, even if no one cared to check in on it.

Here's the list: https://trello.com/b/MXT0RZHC/2013-resolutions

What Got Done

I'm super excited to announce that a mere three months into the year I met my goal of teaching at least 200 people Final Cut Pro X via Skillshare. As of today, the class has 284 students and a 100% positive rating from the students. It's easy to speak up when something is bad, but rare to find people so willing to speak up when something is good. I feel incredibly blessed and learned a ton about myself and my teaching process as well as a few new things about Final Cut, too. Planning big things in this realm for 2014, as well.

I greatly improved my housing situation by moving from Northeast Philly to Exton into a two bedroom, two and a half bath townhome in a nice, quiet development. I was lukewarm about moving so far outside the city but in retrospect it was a great idea. I'm close enough to stop in whenever I need to for visits/freelance work, and closer to my day job in Conshohocken.

I created six video profiles of local individuals and business which I'll be releasing into the wild in 2014. Can't say too much more about this one without spoiling the surprise.

I launched my new website and blog, and friggin love both of them. Hope you do, too.

Finally, I just barely finished this one in time but I was able to read six non-tech books this year. The result was fascinating in that reading good stories inspired me to want to write and direct my own. This is a goal I intend to set for many years to come.

What Didn't Get Done

I did not run 500 miles this year. I actually ran 262.3 miles this year, which was even less than the 300+ I ran last. I'll chalk this up to a bit of laziness, but mainly my health goals this year revolved around maintaining my current weight/BMI as well as eating healthier to promote overall wellness. I entered this year weighing about 215 lbs, dropped as low as 193 lbs when I was dedicated to eating super healthy, and have hovered around 198-200 lbs when just behaving normally—even around this very sugary time of year.

As a result, I also did not participate in six runs this year. I did do the Phillies 5k back in March, but then really slacked off with the others. The good news is that I'm already registered for a half marathon in 2014 (Thanks, Jackie!) and have pledged a friend that I'll also try the Broad Street Run since the training schedules line up nicely.

I thought travelling to two places I'd never been before would be easy, but alas I only got to do one, which was a vacation to Myrtle Beach. Technically I hit every state on the way down to Myrtle Beach, but I don't want that to count. This goal gets thrown back up on the list for next year and a couple places I have in mind include Niagara Falls, Washington DC, Gettysburg, and Chicago.

I also did not get my passport, which couldn't be easier, but I had no plans to travel abroad so I kept putting it off for later. I'll make this a priority for next year and then use it by traveling to the faraway and magical lands of Canada just because I can.

Noteworthy, But Not Goals

I made this column because I thought they were accomplishments worth mentioning, but not necessarily goals of mine. 

Thanks to my employer for allowing me to take Adult and Child CPR Certification Classes on the job. I can now save lives with a little more surety than mimicing what I've see on television.

I ran The Walking Dead Escape, which was a 5k + obstacle course and one hell of a workout. Andrew from two years ago may have had a minor heart attack attempting this.

I did my single farthest run at 10.03 miles, proof that I'm not falling out of shape, just training in slightly different ways.

Decided to take on the very stressful job of hosting Thanksgiving this year, which actually turned out incredibly well. It was excellent to have the entire family over laughing, eating, and drinking. i enjoyed it so much I'm planning on doing it again next year.

Finally, I joined the team that has pitched CreativeMornings to come to Philadelphia. It was a great project to work on and I met a ton of interesting people along the way. Regardless of whether or not we get chosen, it's fantastic to have been a part of it and meet so many dedicated individuals who love Philly as much as I do.

Next Year: Do Even Better

I'm already setting up my goals for next year in the same three-column fashion and making sure that I do things even better than I did in 2013. Thanks for reading if you made it this far and I wish you the best in your endeavors as well.