2014 Goals Recap. 2015 Goals, Engage!

Hindsight and all that jazz

Let's start by taking a look at my 2014 Goals, which I make and leave public at the beginning of every year to keep me honest.

I feel like I set a reasonable amount of goals to do for a year. Some of them are for pleasure, others are for physical growth, while still others are for mental growth. This year I can definitely see that some of the more fun stuff was pushed aside because of a slow descent into workaholism (which is when you're addicted to workahol, obviously).

For two years running now, three goals have gone unaccomplished:

  1. Get my passport
  2. Travel to two new places
  3. Run 500 miles*

With an asterisk on the last one because I did actually run several hundred miles each year, just not as much as the goal required.

So again I carry these three over and make them a priority. I'm going to be getting my passport early this year (already have the paperwork ready) and make it a point to visit, whether it's by land, sea, or air, two totally new places this year.

What Got Done

I'm super happy that I mustered to motivation to run a half marathon this past year and I had a ton of fun doing it. 

Following on the heels of that I started a wonderful passion project called Of the Trade where I've met and interviewed several wonderful people. I want to continue this series more regularly, which means that I'll even have to prioritize it over paying work occasionally. 

I spoke twice in public about video/video editing, something I'm obviously thrilled to be doing with my life, and also taught my Final Cut class once again on a more personal platform where I was able to have fun and make some supplemental income. I'm continuing to prioritize helping people learn new things in 2015.

This was the first year I added a "Noteworthy" column to my goals board where I write accomplishments that weren't goals, but I think are pretty neat. Only two really this year: one was teaching myself how to work with a new CMS in web development, which was actually the combination of furthering my PHP knowledge and also getting accustomed to a new language called Twig. The second was running the Broad Street Run, which was an incredible experience. I expect this column to be much more full in 2015.

What Didn't Get Done

I don't read enough, plain and simple. I can already see this changing though through the convenience of the awesome Kindle Paperwhite I received for Christmas. I'm having trouble putting it down... seriously. 

I didn't watch the IMdB Top 100 films but the fact of the matter is that if I ticked off the ones I've already seen, I'd only actually have to watch 22 of them. Not a huge loss here, especially considering what a massive time investment it is.

I didn't get a passport or travel at all. I really need to up my culture game.

While I ran a half marathon and Broad Street, I once again fell short of my goal of running 500 miles in a year, which is actually peanuts in the grand scheme of things (1.4 miles every day). This has nothing to do with my physical capability and everything to do with the fact that I'm a baby when it comes to running outside in the cold and I didn't actually start training until April-ish. I'm going to get better cold weather running gear and hit the trail earlier. Don't even talk to me about running indoors on a treadmill. I'll come at you like a hurricane.

2015 Goals

The new goals can be found here: 2015 Goals

No real surprises here, more of an evolution of old ideas: I'm going to run a full marathon this year, probably a few halfs, and most definitely Broad Street if I'm accepted. This should contribute nicely to my continued goal of running 500 miles.

I'm aiming to read at least 10 books this year, so I'm accepting your suggestions early and often. Fiction is my jawn!

A brand new addition to this list is to create my first narrative (short) film this year. Up until now I've worked primarily in the realm of documentary, but I'd like to broaden my horizons. I'll probably have to team up with a writer and definitely some actors. Any takers?

Right in that same vein, I'm aiming to release 12 Of the Trade profiles this year. One a month seems like a reasonable goal, but I'll try to release as many as I possibly can.

The final one is a little more personal, but one that I've come to realize about myself that I want to fix: Be available. I can be pretty reclusive when I want to be and while that might just be part of my personality, I have to remember that relationships require sacrifice and work to maintain but the payoff is greater than anything else in the world.

That's all. Here's hoping you have an incredible year full of life, love and stories.