Hi, this is my new site now

You may have arrived here from a link that brought you to a 404 page or maybe you're just the curious type. Whatever the case may be, welcome!

A couple things you may have noticed right off the bat:

  1. I no longer bill myself as a web developer/interface designer/whatever on this site. This is strictly video and motion graphics, which is where I feel my passion has always been.
  2. There's a lot more portfolio work now, and much easier to narrow down the type of thing for which you're looking. Want to see just the Commercial work? There's a section for that! Want to get misty-eyed at some wedding trailers? I have you covered.
  3. I merged the blog over in to the main site so it's all on one system now. This will hopefully encourage me to write more. I've also dropped a fair amount of content in the transition. Personal musings will be kept, mostly, personal. This is a place for me to talk about the craft that I enjoy so deeply.
  4. Gear reviews, which are consistently high-traffic posts, are now under one convenient category.
  5. This site is responsive as a mofo. Check it out on mobile, it looks pretty great.

I have a lot of other exciting things I'm looking to implement over the next few days, few weeks, and the next month. Getting everything up and consolidated in one place was the first of many steps. Very excited for everyone to be a part of the next ones!