2015 Goal Recap, 2016 Goals Roadmap

Every year I create a Trello board (all about that agile life) in which I set goals for the upcoming year. I firmly believe that resolutions are garbage because they're vague and unmeasurable. When a task has no identifiable end, we tend to give up on it much more quickly and without looking back. "Lose weight" is a resolution, "reduce my BMI by 3%" is a goal. "Go to the gym more" is a popular resolution, but "Visit the gym three times a week for the next 6 months" is an actionable goal—you either did it, or you didn't. The key is to be able to look back and see when, and why you did or didn't complete a goal on time.

So without further ado, here's my 2015 goal board.

Overall, it wasn't a great year for goal completion. Only two out out of eleven things were truly completed. Honorable mentions go to Read 10 non-tech books (did 8.5), and Travel to two places I've never been before (did 1). Everything else pretty much got neglected from early in the year.

I will say that 2015 was the year I got super serious about running and my health in general. Many of my Facebook friends will gladly inform you about how very annoying they all found this behavior. As a result, I definitely prioritized that and not only ran my first full marathon, but also completed 532 miles total for the year.

No narrative film (short or otherwise), no attending MiM, only two out of twelve Of the Trade mini-docs, very few blog posts, and no passport still. I will say that launching this new website—filed under Noteworthy, but not a goal—led to my single most successful year in video work since I started. I've filmed weddings, commercial projects, product reviews, and even a handful of events that I've been wanting to do since starting. It's also been the reason why my most precious side project, Of the Trade, fell to the wayside pretty early on in the year.

All told, 2015 was a pretty amazing year that brought me a ton of success, though it was at the cost of some of my personal, fulfilling side projects projects taking a backseat to paid work.

Here's my 2016 goal board and a quick bullet list because this is already longer than I wanted it to be.

  • Travel travel travel, make time for travel. I'm not talking about seeing the Pyramids or The Great Wall of China—though I wouldn't object—I'm trying to see more of my state and country. I've never been to Washington DC proper, I'd love to see Fallingwater or The Grand Canyon. I want to be inspired by the world around me.
  • Read more books! I enjoyed the hell out of the 8.5 I did this year, but I knew that almost no reading would occur after November 10th.
  • Endeavor to release 12 Of the Trade profiles this year. I love this series and everyone involved. It's a pretty significant time investment, but so worth it. If you or someone you know is interested, please get in touch!
  • Two blog posts a month. This is a market-y thing that makes me feel icky to say out loud, but it's important to staying relevant in a growing and competitive field.
  • Five large runs to support great charities. I'm going to try to get on a team and fundraise, too! At least two marathons, a half, and definitely Broad Street again.
  • PASSPORT. Goes hand-in-hand with the first one
  • I have a great new idea that I think will be an amazing website. I need to focus my efforts and make it happen.
  • The handful of free or low-cost events I've been to have really inspired me. I need to attend ones specifically for video professionals to meet new people, learn new things, and do my best to continue making kick-ass stuff
  • Create a narrative short. This is the one field I've never really explored when it comes to video. If all goes well, the one I'm planning will be wrapped and ready by April this year!
  • The Primary Storyline. I currently have 1100 subscribers and haven't done anything with it since September, which makes me sad. It's a few hour investment a week, but the people I've met thus far doing it are wonderful. I want to share what I know with people and create a great community of fellow editors.

Bring it on, 2016. I'm ready to kick some ass.