Canon EOS 1D-X Mark II

Canon releases another expensive camera aimed squarely at... no one in particular?

I thought the 1D X was their flagship photography camera and the 1D C was their 4K-capable video-ish thing (for a lot more money). I'm guessing they're one in the same camera now and they'll focus their "C" efforts on the C100, 300, and 500 instead.

4K60 is super nice and the bitrates listed are good but what I always struggle with when it comes to this company is price. Blackmagic's URSA Mini does 4K60 with way higher bitrates, RAW recording, and LOG gamma for half the cost of this camera. For $2000 more (still less than this camera) you can get the 4.6K version.

I want to like Canon, I want them to blow me away with a camera that's wholly unique—they almost had me with the XC-10—but as it stands for videographers they just seem to go down a checklist of features that to put in and then go to market.