Adobe Premiere Rush CC

I think this goes without saying: I’m a Final Cut Pro X die-hard and always will be. For the type of work I do, I rarely have to leave the single interface of FCPX and if I need some additional feature I can acquire a plugin to do so.

That said, Adobe has REALLY been impressing me lately. Specifically, I’m referring to Premiere Rush CC and how accessible and delightful it is.

As far as I can tell, the features of both the desktop and mobile app are identical and neither feels hamstrung in any way.

As far as I can tell, the features of both the desktop and mobile app are identical and neither feels hamstrung in any way.

I’m not one to scoff at learning software. Hell, I basically had to rethink most of the fundaments of editing when transitioning to FCPX. Then Resolve came along and opened my eyes to what color grading should be, so I worked my way through learning that as well.

Adobe software, to me, has traditionally been hit or miss. I love Photoshop, but only because I’ve been with it for over a decade and have learned like 30% of its secrets. If I were starting out on Photoshop today would I have the same love of it? I’m not so sure...

Opening the original Lightroom (now dubbed Lightroom Classic) for the first time was overwhelming and frustrating. The file management, workflow, & modules all felt rather archaic. I feel similarly every time someone asks me to cut in Premiere. It’s not *bad*, but it certainly doesn’t bring me joy.

Cut to Adobe releasing Lightroom CC, the new “Cloud” version, with syncing and near-feature-parity with the iOS app. I’m sure some folks would call this a dumbing-down of the software, but for me I’m all about having more speed and a pleasant experience, which the new Lightroom CC has in spades.

This is a professional-level tool made more accessible through thoughtful design and the deliberate removal of certain features only to have them reimplemented later in ways that fit within the new app paradigm. Sound familiar? It should.

Where do the photos go when I import them? I don’t know, I let Lightroom handle that. I know for sure they go to the cloud because they’re also near-instantly available on my other devices as well. Where did the modules go? I”m guessing Map, Book, Slideshow, Print, and Web were mostly expendable while they combined Library and Develop in a very clever way. If you’re already deeply entrenched in Lightroom Classic, you probably hate this change and that’s ok. This is a new generation of application that will likely overtake the old over the next few years.

Which brings me to Rush CC. If you’ve used ANY of the new Adobe apps developed within the past few years, you’ll immediately feel at home in Rush. It’s a design language I first saw in Adobe XD, then in Lightroom CC, and now it’s here.

Adobe XD

Adobe XD

Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom CC

A couple quick things I noticed about Premiere Rush CC right out of the gate:

  • It has tracks, but they’re hidden by default

  • It has what one might describe as a “magnetic” timeline

  • It has background rendering

  • It tries its damndest to do away with complex media management

  • No way to manually save your project

  • There’s no multicam capability to speak of

…and you know what? That’s fantastic! This thing ripped through a simple 4K project I threw at it and never slowed down once. Opened it up on my phone and *boom* the project was there for me to take over from there.

I know that level of instant continuity is what we expect nowadays, but this feels like the future of editing. I want Apple to do this with FCPX, even if it means generating lower-res proxies in the background and using iCloud storage for sync.

Apple has enough of their proprietary technologies in place to make the transition from devices nearly seamless—Handoff and Airdrop come to mind—and all they need now is a capable version of FCPX for iOS.

But, not to detract too much from my point and to wrap this up: what Adobe has accomplished here is extraordinary. Because I WANT video tech like to continue to thrive, I’m upgrading my Adobe Cloud Storage AND subscribing to Rush.

Based on the improvements I’ve experienced with Lightroom CC, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the coming year with Rush!