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Philadelphia Geek Award 2015 Creation at NextFab

For the past two years I've had the opportunity to go down to NextFab—one of the most magical places on Earth as far as I'm concerned—and see what goes into making a Philadelphia Geek Award. I'm constantly blown away by the sheer amount of talent and skill that is housed in just that location alone. For all of the award winners, here's a look into some of the tech that was used to create the coolest award you own.

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How I Shoot Wedding Videos

It wasn't until I really sat down to think about it that I realized there are patterns in almost every wedding I shoot. Honestly, there are patterns in almost every video I shoot, but weddings are a different thing entirely because they require you to capture keen details as well as fleeting moments, so you have to be sensitive to when things happen and then shoot all of the story around that single moment. Here's how I do it:

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