My First Mac

The Mac turned 30 this past week and Apple took the opportunity to put together a beautiful (and responsive!) website for this occasion right here.

This inspired me to write about my first Mac, since it pretty much changed my professional life from the moment I started using it.

The Power Mac G4 Quicksilver

The year was 2002. This beast was unlike any computer I'd ever seen before, and I loved the design. Our previous family computer was a Compaq Presario, which was a hulking mass of beige metal and plastic. I remember first seeing a Quicksilver in Circuit City (remember those?) next to a few of the candy-colored iMacs and writing it off because... well, Apple? Where the hell is the start menu? Why does it use this weird looking version of Internet Explorer? Etc.

It wasn't until I helped a friend who happened to be a film student at Temple with a video project that I fell in love. He used an iBook and a miniDV camera connected via FireWire 400 to, within the span of a few hours, put together a 15 minute short film that would end up being his final for the semester. All in iMovie 2.

I was blown away once I saw what was capable on these computers and I immediately started pestering my mom to replace our old PC, offering up most of the money I had saved from the very little work I did throughout high school. She caved in Winter of 2002 and a few weeks later we had a Power Mac G4 with a 733mhz processor, 128MB of RAM, and a 40GB hard drive. 

The first thing I did was borrowed my friend's camera, bought some miniDV tapes, and starting making little productions of my own, edited all together in iMovie. The next thing I knew I was saving up all my money for three other things that Apple made: a 15" Studio Display, something called an iPod and this really gray and unfriendly-looking editing software Final Cut Pro.

I've been using a Mac ever since. I really owe a lot to these machines that helped me express myself creatively and allowed me pursue and develop my passions in a way that otherwise may have never happened.