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Promise Pegasus R4 Review

If I'm not mistaken, the Promise Pegasus R4 and R6 were the first commercially available Thunderbolt drives and show stealers at NAB 2011. That doesn't come as much of a shock when you consider that most editors were still using bus technologies that were nearing a decade old at the time. Thunderbolt made some hefty claims about speed and expandability and has followed through on them nicely if not a bit slower than expected.

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My Drobo and I

If you've grown up digital like I have, you've no doubt suffered data loss at some point, large or small. If I turn my head to the left, I can gaze longingly at a pair of 250GB hard drives that were in a hardware RAID0. Were. One of the drives failed, taking with it a significant chunk of my personal video work. Ever since that fateful day I've made sure to do a few things to ensure that it never happens again.

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