Secondary Storyline: Moving Connected Clip Anchor Points in Final Cut Pro X

In this episode we explore how to move and adjust connected clip anchor points in Final Cut Pro X. This will allow you to easily make slip edits and other trims without altering the timing of connected clips. This technique is great for those last-minute edits right before client delivery.

White Balance, Match Color, and Using Color Checkers with Color Finale

In this episode we'll be covering white balance, Final Cut Pro X's built-in Match Color feature, and how to utilize a color checker if your DP or Cinematographer shot one while on set. You can follow along with this tutorial by grabbing the ProRes files here and the Color Finale Demo here

Shape and Color Masks in FCP X

In this episode we'll be working closely with shape masks, color masks, and a combination of the two. We'll learn how to color correct just smaller parts of an image based on a shape or just a single color range. Techniques you learn here can also be used to recreate the Pleasantville effect or, in a more contemporary example, season 2 of Breaking Bad's flash forwards, where the iconic pink teddy bear is floating in the pool.