It was a pleasure collaborating with Andrew and his work is truly top-notch. We’re always looking for ways to incorporate more of his video work into our marketing.
— Judy Stouffer, Senior Paralegal at Berner Klaw & Watson LLP

Of the Trade


A video series I've started to highlight the amazing talents of the creators and makers I encounter. Watch the videos here and then read the full transcribed interviews over on the main site


Other Happenings


Videos captured in and around Philadelphia for work and for play.


ELA Conf


In 2016 I was asked to help document ELA Conf, a Philadelphia-based conference with the goal of enabling women to become leaders, speaker, and educators in technology. This is something I feel very strongly about so it was easy to say yes and they made the job easy by being so positive and inspiring throughout the three days.


The Philadelphia Geek Awards


I've been fortunate enough to help with the filming of the Philadelphia Geek Awards for three years now and somehow they're able to top themselves each year. Take a look at what some of Philadelphia's finest has to offer...


Cover photo above courtesy of Clever Girl Photo

Peers Conference 2015 Recap

The stories behind great ideas


I'm fortunate that I get to work in field that I love. More than that, I get to help other people tell the stories of things that are important to them.



It's a hobby and a job


Sometimes I like to just point my camera at things and experiment.